What do Members of Parliament want to know about the Demographic Dividend? We provide answers

At AFIDEP, we have been engaging Members of Parliament (MPs) in Africa to improve their understanding of the demographic dividend paradigm. This is important because many African countries are increasingly embracing the demographic dividend paradigm as their development framework in order to spur transformative socio-economic development. MPs therefore need a good understanding of the

Transferable skills a key to driving the employability of Kenyan graduates

The quality of education in Kenya has been a subject of debate in recent times. These debates surround the content and approach of skills training and their relevance to the job market. Like many African countries, Kenya faces significant youth unemployment at about 35%, as well as high rates of underemployment and working poverty.

Institutions matter in nurturing an evidence use culture, but it is individuals who make the institutions matter

We have just concluded the implementation of the Strengthening Capacity to Use Research Evidence in Health Policy (SECURE Health) programme in the Ministry of Health (MoH) and Parliament in Kenya and Malawi (Nov 2013-Feb 2017). The programme sought to strengthen individual and institutional capacity for demand and use of evidence in decision-making. One of the