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Using training as one approach for building the capacity of health policymakers in evidence-informed policymaking: Recent experiences and reflections from Kenya and Malawi

The use of research evidence in decision-making by policymakers in the health sector is critical for enabling the formulation and implementation of the most effective policies and programmes. Despite that reality, many scholars have documented that policymakers often do not sufficiently use research evidence to inform their decisions because of several common barriers (see

Demographic dividend study in Malawi

AFIDEP is currently conducting a study on the demographic transition in Malawi, which will advise on how the country can benefit from harnessing the demographic dividend. The study will review demographic and economic opportunities and challenges, and assess their implications for harnessing the demographic dividend. It will also assess the magnitude of the demographic dividend

Celebrating World Population Day 2015: Saving our women and girls

According to WHO, women and girls are disproportionately exposed to risk, increased loss of livelihoods, security, and even lives, during and in the aftermath of disasters. In general, natural disasters kill more women than men and kill women at a younger age than men. The 2015 world population day theme, saving vulnerable populations in