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Reminder: Scholarships for online course on using knowledge in policy making in Africa

There is an emerging trend to incorporate knowledge in policymaking and implementation. However, there are several challenges implied as well as ways to use research.  The complexity of policymaking, with many players intervening in the process with their interests and resources, implies that the interaction between the available knowledge and its potential creators and

Evidence-informed policy-making in Kenya’s health sector: The devil is in the quality of evidence

There are a lot of ongoing efforts around the world to increase the use or consideration of research evidence in public policymaking, the ‘evidence-informed policy-making’ (EIPM) movement. This is because it is believed that increased use or consideration of research evidence makes important contributions to enabling better resource allocation, more targeted interventions, better monitoring

7th Africa Conference on Sexual Health and Rights

The 7th Africa Conference on Sexual Health and Rights kicks off on 9th February 2016 in Accra, Ghana. The conference whose theme is Realising Demographic Dividend in Africa: The Critical Importance of Adolescents and Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, will see the attendance of high-level experts and government officials including H.E. Dr. Nana Lordina Mahama, First

Why Kenya needs educated youth and low fertility rate

Who doesn’t know about Africa’s youth bulge? And who isn’t filled with concern over whether it will be anywhere near possible to create enough jobs for our young people, never mind empowering them with the skills and attitudes to handle the jobs that will be available? Just as we worry about those Arab countries