Monthly Archives: October 2016

AFIDEP holds demographic dividend workshop in Swaziland

The African Institute for Development Policy is currently holding a workshop in Swaziland which runs from 25th to 27th October 2016. The aim of the workshop is to assess the country’s prospects for harnessing the demographic dividend. The workshop, which focuses on use of National Transfer Accounts (NTA) modeling, also seeks to demonstrate priority

Partners meet to evaluate impact of evidence uptake programme

Partners implementing the Strengthening Capacity to Use Research Evidence in Health Policy (SECURE Health) programme are participating at a consultative meeting that will run until 26th October 2016. Among the objectives of the meeting, which is taking place at Southern Sun Mayfair Hotel in Nairobi, is to review the programme’s achievements since November 2013,

Kenya moves to deliberate on demographic dividend roadmap

Stakeholders working on the demographic dividend in Kenya will be convening at a multi-sectoral forum between 18th and 19th October 2016. The meeting, which will take place at the Windsor Hotel in Nairobi, seeks to strengthen efforts to realise the demographic dividend in Kenya through strategic investments in health, education, youth, governance and the