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The power of collaboration in successful programme implementation

The formation of a consortium is one of the forms of collaboration critical to developing strong teams, implementing and delivering programme objectives. By bringing together organisations with different experiences and knowledge through a consortium, parties share and exchange different strengths that are beneficial in delivering as one. The success of AFIDEP’s Strengthening Capacity to

Call for Abstracts: MAISHA HIV/AIDS 2017 Conference in Kenya

AFIDEP and other stakeholders led by the  Kenya National AIDS Control Council (NACC) will be hosting the 4th Maisha HIV and AIDS Conference whose theme will be Translating the Science to End New HIV Infections in Kenya: Perspectives, Practices and Lessons. The conference which is scheduled to take place from 28th to 31st May 2017 seeks to promote

Dr. Eliya Zulu on Investing in Teenage Girls

Teenage girls around the world face enormous challenges. Many are considered by their communities or parents to be ready for marriage and motherhood; forced from school, damaging their future prospects and even among girls who stay in school, access to basic information about their health, human rights and reproductive rights can be hard to