Programme Briefs

  • SECURE Health News – Issue 4 July, 2016
  • SECURE Health News – Issue 3 February, 2016

    • SECURE Health Programme Hits Mid-term of Successful Implementation
    • Kenyan Policymakers and Experts Deliberate on Key Public Health Issues at the 4th Research-to-Policy Conference
    • Skills Building: Programme Trainees Complete UK-POST Fellowship
    • Malawi Research Dissemination Conference Underscores Value of Evidence in Policymaking

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  • Formation of a Parliamentary Caucus on Evidence-Informed Oversight and Decision-making: Concept Note August, 2015

    This concept note proposes the formation of the Parliamentary Caucus on Evidence-Informed Oversight and Decision-making, an informal network whose membership will comprise of Members of both the National Assembly and the Senate who are committed to promoting responsible governance through evidence-informed oversight. The Caucus is unique in terms of its goal and expected deliverables as it will provide a structured platform to enable parliamentarians share experiences and work together to promote an evidence-informed culture in their work.

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  • SECURE Health News – Issue 2 July, 2015

    • SECURE Health Conducts Evidence-Informed Policymaking Training for Technocrats in the Ministries of Health and Parliaments in Kenya and Malawi
    • Science-Policy Cafés in Kenya and Malawi focus Health Policy Issues on Evidence, provide Accountability Platforms
    • Helping Malawi MPs focus on Evidence in the 2015/2016 Budget Deliberations
    • SECURE Health draws Attention to Research Non-Use at a Health Scientific Conference in Kenya

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  • Improving the implementation of the free-of-charge maternity services programme in Kenya June, 2015

    The Ministry of Health (MoH) through the Division of Health Research & Development under the SECURE Health programme organised a Science Policy Café that was held on February 12, 2015 to provide a platform where key stakeholders, including policymakers, researchers and implementers/practitioners deliberated on the progress made so far in implementing the free maternity services (FMS) presidential directive issued in 2013.

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