Knowledge Utilisation

To enable the knowledge utilization of research evidence in decision-making, we:

  • 01

    Provide direct technical assistance to governments and development partners in development and appraisal of policies and strategies – we help decision-makers access and interpret and draw policy and programme lessons from local and regional research evidence. We go beyond the typical research dissemination model to entrench ourselves in policymaking processes, which enables us to provide direct technical assistance to government teams that design development policies and strategies.


  • 02

    Forge strategic partnerships with government institutions in developing and implementing our projects. These close ties help to build trust, ensure that the work we do is geared towards meeting the evidence and capacity needs of the decision-makers, and increase the likelihood that the results are applied in decision-making processes. Our staff also participate in various technical working groups in the ministries of health and planning where they advocate for greater application of research evidence.


  • 03

    Enhance evidence use in regional decision-making platforms: We work with various regional organisations and policy platforms to strengthen the evidence base guiding policy and programme responses to Africa’s enduring development challenges, including the African Union (AU), Regional Economic Blocs, East, Central and Southern Africa Health Community, UN agencies (WHO, UNFPA, UNICEF), and the Partners in Population and Development-Africa Regional Office.  For example, we work with the Partners in Population and Development-Africa Regional Office in convening the annual meeting of the Network of African Parliamentary Committees for Health to enhance the technical capacity of parliamentarians in exercising their oversight and budget allocation roles.

  • 04

    Strengthen the African voice in global development discourses through our participation in global agenda setting expert panels and international meetings. For example, we participate in various WHO expert panels, the FP2020 working groups and the Resource Mobilisation and Awareness Working Group of the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition. herebest bunk bed with stairs