AFIDEP’s Dr. Eliya Zulu speaks on social and economic impact of fertility change at Berlin forum
24 March 2021
Author: Ann Waithaka
Dr. Eliya Zulu - Executive Director, AFIDEP

AFIDEP’s Executive Director, Dr Eliya Zulu will today be a speaker at the Global Demography Forum where leading researchers from Asia, Africa, Europe and the USA will present research results on the topics of ageing society, family and fertility, gender, human capital, migration and mortality.

The forum is part of a three day event dubbed ‘Berlin Demography Days’ that offers a platform for intense dialogue among scientific experts, policy makers, business leaders and representatives of international organisations and civil society. The virtual event runs between 22 – 24 March 2021, and aims to create a productive working atmosphere, enabling participants to discuss potential solutions of future challenges driven by population change and based on scientific evidence, the expertise of decision-makers, and practitioner experience.

Dr. Zulu will provide insights on family and fertility with his session focusing on the social and economic impact of fertility change in Africa.

The Berlin Demography Days event is organised by Diakonie Deutschland and the European research network Population Europe. The event is sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, the Federal Ministry of Health and the Science Promotion Fund in Berlin.

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