• Adama Konseiga, Ph.D.
    Adama Konseiga, Ph.D. Economics Read More
  • Alister Munthali, Ph.D.
    Alister Munthali, Ph.D. Medical Anthropology Read More
  • Bertha Simwaka, Ph.D.
    Bertha Simwaka, Ph.D. Epidemiology Read More
  • Chiweni Chimbwete, Ph.D.
    Chiweni Chimbwete, Ph.D. Demography Read More
  • Giovanna Merli, Ph.D.
    Giovanna Merli, Ph.D. Health and Social Policy/Demography Read More
  • Gloria Chepngeno-Langat, Ph.D.
    Gloria Chepngeno-Langat, Ph.D. Social Statistics Read More
  • Hilda Essendi
    Hilda Essendi Social Statistics and Demography Read More
  • Jean-Francois Kobiane, Ph.D.
    Jean-Francois Kobiane, Ph.D. Demography Read More
  • Joanna Crichton, MPhil
    Joanna Crichton, MPhil Social Science Research Read More
  • Jonathan Makuwira, Ph.D.
    Jonathan Makuwira, Ph.D. Development & Social Sciences Read More
  • Latifat Ibisomi, Ph.D.
    Latifat Ibisomi, Ph.D. Demography Read More
  • Leontine Alkema, Ph.D.
    Leontine Alkema, Ph.D. Statistics Read More
  • Monica Magadi, Ph.D.
    Monica Magadi, Ph.D. Demography Read More
  • Nancy Luke, Ph.D.
    Nancy Luke, Ph.D. Demography Read More
  • Ndola Prata, MD
    Ndola Prata, MD Public Health/Demography Read More
  • Ousman Faye, Ph.D.
    Ousman Faye, Ph.D. Economics Read More
  • Priscilla Akwara, Ph.D.
    Priscilla Akwara, Ph.D. Social Statistics Read More
  • Priti Parikh, Ph.D.
    Priti Parikh, Ph.D. Engineering and Sustainable Development Read More
  • Rebecca Thornton, Ph.D.
    Rebecca Thornton, Ph.D. Economics Read More
  • Robert Ndugwa, Ph.D.
    Robert Ndugwa, Ph.D. Biostatistics Read More
  • Shelley Clark, Ph.D.
    Shelley Clark, Ph.D. Sociology Read More
  • Tigest Alemu, MPH
    Tigest Alemu, MPH Public Health Specialist Read More
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