My experience working on evidence-informed policymaking in Kenya

Evidence-based policymaking is at the heart of ensuring accountability of resources and inclusiveness of development policies. As a Member of Parliament (MP), one draws from competing sources of information, including from one’s constituents, and most often, political correctness overrides research evidence. In fact, the lack of use of research evidence in policymaking in the legislative, oversight and budgeting

Closing the gender gap and empowering women for development in Sub-Saharan Africa

In Sub-Saharan Africa, women represent slightly more than half the working-age population. Yet women are far from being equal partners with men in the economy and society, facing an array of barriers to achieving their full economic potential, from restrictive cultural practices to discriminatory laws and highly segmented labor markets. Empowering women, defined as

Writer was wrong about family planning

A provocative opinion piece authored by Patrick Mbataru, titled Kenyans should forget about family planning and multiply in the 13th July, 2016 edition of The Standard, caught our attention. We were dismayed at the disjointed and also misleading arguments he made against the need for family planning in Kenya. If the writer feels he

Communications skills for researchers critical for effective translation of research into policy

The role of research evidence in policy-making is becoming more important than ever as evidence-informed policy-making gains traction in the global development agenda. Evidence-informed policy-making is defined as an approach to policy decisions that aims to ensure that decision-making is well-informed by the best available research evidence. For instance, this was one of the

African legislators deliberate evidence, make commitments to tackle health challenges

Members of parliament (MPs) make important decisions touching on citizens’ every day life. On June 29-30, 2016, Partners in Population and Development Africa Regional Office (PPD-ARO) in collaboration with AFIDEP convened the annual meeting of the Network of African Parliamentary Committees of Health (NEAPACOH) in Munyonyo, Uganda. The forum sought to, among other objectives, herebest bunk bed with stairs