Africa has the demography for dividends, but will it get the policy right?

In recent years, the demographic dividend has garnered enormous traction in African policy circles, and leaders and policymakers have begun to see it as a strategy for achieving their economic growth targets. Africa has the youngest population in the world. About 43 percent of the population of sub-Saharan Africa is younger than 15, while

Chikungunya epidemic casts its pall: what you should know

Parts of Northern Kenya have been struck by an epidemic of chikungunya, a mosquito borne viral infection. Half of the population in one Kenyan county which borders Ethiopia and Somalia has come down with the infection. There’s real risk of travellers spreading it to new areas. Professor Collins Ouma from the African Institute for

Education reform should focus on content

The Kenya Institute for Curriculum Development is in the process of reforming and replacing the 8-4-4 curriculum with a new 2-6-3-3-3 system.The need to improve the skills that youth get from schools in order to enhance their employability and ultimate economic productivity is at the centre of the rationale for these reforms. Indeed, the

Secondary schooling a good contraception against teen pregnancy

Teen pregnancy is both a public health and education sector problem in Kenya. The recently launched 2014 Kenya Demographic and Health Survey reported that one in five girls aged 15-19 (18.1 percent) have begun childbearing, meaning that they are pregnant with their first child or have ever given birth to one or more children. herebest bunk bed with stairs