AFIDEP to participate in UN Expert Group Meeting on Demographic Transition

AFIDEP’s Executive Director, Dr. Eliya Zulu, will be participating at an expert group meeting organised by the Population Division of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs. The meeting which will take place between 13th and 14th October, 2016 in New York will focus on “Changing population age structure and sustainable development. The

AFIDEP to participate at the What Works Global Summit 2016

AFIDEP’s Executive Director, Dr. Eliya Zulu and the Director, Science Communications and Evidence Uptake, Dr. Rose Oronje will be participating at the What Works Global Summit 2016 (WWGS2016). The Summit whose theme is Putting Evidence to Work for Better Policies, Programmes and Practice will take place from 26th to 28th September 2016 in Bloomsbury, London.

Kenya Ministry of Health officials graduate in Evidence-Informed Policy-Making

Officials from the Ministry of Health in Kenya who completed a course in Evidence-Informed Policy-Making (EIPM) graduated this morning at a colourful ceremony held at the Fairview Hotel in Nairobi. A total of 34 officials participated the course out of whom 13 authored policy briefs on various urgent health challenges in Kenya. The graduation

Malawi Health Minister gives assurance about family planning

The Government of Malawi is committed to increasing access to family planning services in order to address the existing unmet need for these services particularly among young people, who constitute the majority of the population. The Minister for Health, Hon. Dr. Peter Kumpalume, made this assurance today while presiding over the closing ceremony of

Family planning themes dominate Malawi Population Conference on second day

The second day of the 2016 National Conference on Population and Development, for Malawi got underway today as delegates begun to delve deeper into more specific areas needing attention in order to lay the foundation for Malawi to harness a demographic dividend. Themes on contraceptive use and family planning dominated most of the sessions. herebest bunk bed with stairs