Kenya honored with the 2013 Resolve Award for policy development

The Kenyan government has been honored with the prestigious Resolve Award, which honors nations for expanding access to essential reproductive health services. The Honorable Beth Mugo, former Minister of Public Health and Sanitation, accepted the Award on behalf of the Government of Kenya, at a ceremony celebrating the Resolve Awardees during the 66th World

Journal Publications

2013 (or in print) Emotional and Psychosocial Aspects of Menstrual Poverty in Resource-Poor Settings: A Qualitative Study of the Experiences of Adolescent Girls in an Informal Settlement in Nairobi. Crichton, J., C. Kabiru, J. Okal, & E.M. Zulu. (In Print). Health Care for Women International A checklist for identifying determinants of practice: a systematic

Science Café: Family planning in Kenya, how is the government positioning itself to maintain the national progress made in the devolvement?

In 1978, Kenya’s total fertility rate was about 8.3, the highest in the world. By the early 80s Kenya became one of the very few countries alongside Botswana and Zimbabwe to implement a national Family Planning (FP) programme. Since then the country’s fertility narrative tells of a history marked with fertility declines, stagnation and

Future health markets: A meeting statement from Bellagio

Policymakers, entrepreneurs, academics and donor organisations convened at the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center from 10th-14th December 2012 to discuss the changing face of health markets, and in particular to consider future trends in such markets. Their aim was to promote a greater shared understanding and analysis of health market systems, and to consider how

People and the Planet

In December 2012, AFIDEP was proud to host, Sir John Sulston FRS, the Nobel Laureate in Physiology/Medicine 2002 and Chair of the Royal Society, People and the planet report. Sir John’s, visit in Kenya involved visiting the Korogocho slum, a rapidly growing urban informal settlement, as well as giving a Public Lecture on ‘People herebest bunk bed with stairs