Demographic dividend study in Malawi

AFIDEP is currently conducting a study on the demographic transition in Malawi, which will advise on how the country can benefit from harnessing the demographic dividend. The study will review demographic and economic opportunities and challenges, and assess their implications for harnessing the demographic dividend. It will also assess the magnitude of the demographic dividend

Family planning in Kenya: Saving lives, saving money

Family planning is one of the most successful development interventions, with wide-ranging benefits to the health of mothers and children, empowerment of women, economic growth and environmental preservation. According to ‘Adding It Up’, a 2014 report by the Guttmacher Institute and UNFPA, globally, if all women who want to avoid pregnancy used modern contraceptives;

Which way forward? Policy actions for Kenya to achieve the demographic dividend

Join researchers and policy engagement experts from NCPD, AFIDEP and UNFPA at a breakfast meeting tomorrow (March 6, 2015) where key stakeholders from government, development agencies and the civil society will be reviewing policy actions recommended for Kenya in order to accelerate progress towards a demographic dividend. Hon Mohammed Kuti – Chaiperson of the herebest bunk bed with stairs