Population Health Environment Conference

The 2013 International PHE Conference, Nov 11-12, 2013 aims to bring to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, organizations working on PHE across sub-Saharan Africa. The conference objectives are to: Create a space for sharing, learning, and networking among PHE implementers Identify needs and priorities for PHE advocates and implementers in order to chart areas for future

Motherhood in childhood

Starting sexual intercourse at an early age places a young person at risk of unwanted or unintended pregnancy, early childbearing and high fertility. Evidence has shown that those who initiate sex at early ages are more likely to be exploited by adults and less likely to use protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases,

Can Africa harness the Demographic Dividend?

Yes, but much more needs to be done… The Demographic Dividend is the economic benefit arising from a significant increase in the ratio of working-aged adults relative to young dependents. When birth rates decline significantly, the age structure shifts in favor of more working-aged adults, which can help accelerate economic growth through increased productivity,

World Population Day 2013

On Thursday, July  11, 2013, the world celebrated the 2013 World Population Day. The focus for this year is Adolescent Pregnancy. About 16 million girls under age 18 give birth each year. Another 3.2 million undergo unsafe abortions. The vast majority – 90 per cent — of the pregnant adolescents in the developing world are married.

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