Generating evidence for more informed decisions on investments on MNCH, FP and HIV/AIDS integration
3 February 2014
Author: Diana Warira

AFIDEP is conducting a rapid landscape analysis of the maternal, neonatal, and child health (MNCH), family planning (FP), and HIV/AIDS burden and integration efforts to inform the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s future potential engagement and investments in the area.

This study is mapping the overlapping geographies, population groups, the highest burden areas and lowest intervention coverage for MNCH, FP and HIV/AIDS (i.e. the gap) and identify the entry points for innovative integration approaches at policy and programmes levels.

While integration remains a good practice in principle, studies have shown mixed results and it remains unclear on whether integration really offers tangible benefits to communities and savings to those investing it.

The findings of this study will add to the existing knowledge and contribute to filling some of the knowledge gaps on integration in the sub-Saharan Africa region. This is being implemented between December 2013 and May 2014.

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