Demographic dividend study in Malawi
21 July 2015
A mother cuddles her newly born babies. Family planning is one of the key drivers of the demographic dividend. Photo: DFID

AFIDEP is currently conducting a study on the demographic transition in Malawi, which will advise on how the country can benefit from harnessing the demographic dividend. The study will review demographic and economic opportunities and challenges, and assess their implications for harnessing the demographic dividend. It will also assess the magnitude of the demographic dividend that Malawi can harness under different policy scenarios using the DemDiv Model, and determine policy options the country can adopt in order to maximise the demographic dividend that it can earn. AFIDEP is the technical lead and the programme is supported by UNFPA Malawi, UNCT (United Nations Country Team), Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development, Ministry of Youth and Government of Malawi.

The team recently conducted a Malawi Demographic Dividend Modelling Workshop in July 2015.

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