AFIDEP to Co-Host Webinar: Evidence-Informed Policy-Making Curriculum Launch
Event Date: 19 Oct 2016
Event Location: Online

AFIDEP and FHI360 will under The Strengthening Capacity to Use Research Evidence in Health Policy Programme (SECURE Health) co-host a webinar to launch a curriculum for an evidence-informed policy-making (EIPM) training course on Wednesday, October 19, 2016.

The course was designed as part of efforts to strengthen capacity of policymakers to find and use evidence in decision-making. The curriculum has been used to deliver training for government officials working in the ministries of health and parliaments in Kenya and Malawi; as such, the course has benefited from lessons drawn from these two countries.

The need for increased use or consideration of evidence in decision-making in development efforts is globally acknowledged. Consequently, there are a lot of ongoing efforts around the world to strengthen the use or consideration of evidence in decision-making. This Evidence-Informed Policy-Making Training (EIPM) course is one of these efforts that seeks to respond to the existing weak capacity among decision-makers to find and use evidence in decision-making; a widely acknowledged barrier to evidence use.

The Course has been developed by the African Institute for Development Policy (AFIDEP) and FHI 360. AFIDEP and FHI 360 developed and delivered this course to decision-makers in Kenya and Malawi, as part of their DFID-funded programme, SECURE Health (Strengthening Capacity to Use Research Evidence in Health Policy). The Course has therefore been greatly enriched by lessons from these two countries.

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