Malawi: Health Minister launches Evidence Use Guidelines
Event Date: 19 Jul 2016
Event Location: Lilongwe, Malawi

The Malawi Minister of Health, Hon. Dr. Kumpalume, on July 19, 2016, launched guidelines developed to provide guidance to Ministry staff on using research and other evidence in decision-making.

The guidelines, referred to as Guidelines for Evidence Use in Policy-Making, will be used by the Ministry’s staff to enable better and increased use of research results and other information in decision-making and health care provision. Dr. Kumpalume noted in his address: “Through the use of evidence in decision-making, I believe Malawi will be able to achieve some of the goals outlined in the Health Sector Strategic Plan as well as the National Health Research Agenda.”

During the event, a graduation ceremony for 24 Ministry of Health Staff, who had completed a course on Evidence Informed Policy Making (EIPM) facilitated by AFIDEP under the SECURE Health programme, were issued with certificates.

The trained MoH policymakers presented policy briefs they had prepared as part of the training at the event. The policy briefs touched on key policy issues that Malawi is grappling with, and discussed what the country needs to do based on existing evidence to respond to these issues. The event was witnessed by senior Ministry of Health Officials, the college of College of Medicine of the University of Malawi. Among the guests was DFID’s Senior Health Advisor, Mr Andrew McNee.