Nigeria: AFIDEP experts undertake scoping mission on transferable skills
Event Date: 20 - 24 Jun 2016
Event Location: Nigeria

Two experts from AFIDEP, Prof. Collins Ouma, Director Research and Knowledge Translation and Ms Violet Murunga, Senior Knowledge Translation Officer, are on a scoping mission in Nigeria. The one-week mission will take the form of mapping all the stakeholders that have been involved in the development and implementation of the New Senior Secondary Education Curriculum (NSSEC) in Nigeria. Specifically, it will focus on implementation and integration of the new curriculum by Kano and Plateau states. The mission will run until June 26, 2016. It is being undertaken under AFIDEP Project that focuses on transferrable skills.

For this mission, AFIDEP has been commissioned by the MasterCard Foundation (MCF) to carry out a comprehensive case study research to fill the evidence gap on how to bring training on transferable skills into formal education systems, with a focus on secondary and TVET education in Africa. Transferrable skills include non-cognitive skills that can be applied across different work areas and situations including critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, character skills, creative thinking, entrepreneurship and communication.

The specific objectives of the scoping study are: to characterise the state of efforts and policy environment for incorporating transferable skills in formal secondary education curriculum in Africa; conduct case studies to document experiences, lessons and impact of early efforts to incorporate transferable skills in formal secondary school curriculum in Africa; and disseminate lessons from the project to policy-makers and other stakeholders in case study countries and at regional levels in Africa. The ultimate aim is to stimulate interest and action in scaling up incorporation of transferable skills in formal school curriculum in Africa.