Guardian invites AFIDEP to weigh in on population growth debate
23 July 2012

In a July 27th, 2011, Guardian Focus podcast, Madeleine Bunting asks about solutions to population growth. AFIDEP Executive Director Dr. Eliya Zulu says, “[They] are quite clear: in 1994 we had the Cairo ICPD conference, and at this conference it was agreed that governments in the Global South and the international community should mobilise all the resources necessary to educate couples so that they can make informed reproductive decisions, and that (once they decide on the number of children they would like to have and the timing of those births) they should be provided with the means to help them achieve their desired fertility.

But what has happened since that Cairo conference is that there are more and more people who want to have fewer children–who want to delay their births and so on–but they are not able to do that simply because they do not have access to family planning!”

Listen to the entire podcast, here, and then weigh in on the lively discussion, here.

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