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Request for Proposal for Supply, Installation and Implementation of a Backup solution System

Background of AFIDEP

The African Institute for Development Policy (AFIDEP) is an International Non-governmental organisation registered in Nairobi-Kenya with the mandate to work on African development policy issues. We are an African-led international non-profit policy think-tank established to help bridge the gap between research, policy and practice pertaining to the linkages between population change, public health and sustainable development in Africa. The purpose of our work is to contribute to sustainable development by enabling the formulation of policies and program interventions that are informed by sound research evidence in these areas. For more information about ourselves, please visit our website

We have two offices, in Nairobi-Kenya and Lilongwe-Malawi. In carrying out of our mandate, we implement Programmes funded by donors. Some of our projects are implemented collaboratively with other partners.


AFIDEP is requesting proposals from qualified data backup and recovery solution providers to provide, install, implement and train AFIDEP IT Staff on use and maintenance of the system.  The proposed solution must be consistent and compatible with existing AFIDEP current Information Technology systems.

The Scope of Work is based on achieving the following goals for AFIDEP:

  • Installation of a backup system for Kenya and Malawi
  • Cloud Backup proposal and on premise
  • Reduction of backup window time requirements
  • Increased efficiencies through use of new technology
  • Increased disaster recovery capabilities

To achieve these goals, the Scope of Work is based on the following principles:

  • A combined Solution Provider and AFIDEP IT personnel team to maximize efficiency; and
  • A commitment to open and active communication to ensure effective and successful project progress and completion.

Proposal submittals shall be clear, accurate, and comprehensive and provide specific and succinct answers to all questions and requests for information. Indirect, imprecise, or incomplete responses can serve only to the disadvantage of the proposer. Generic marketing material is discouraged. Excessive or irrelevant material will not be favorably received.

Submittals shall be limited to twenty (20) pages, exclusive of cover letter, front and back covers, title page, section dividers and resumes. Pages shall be 8-1/2” x 11” however, up to two (2) 11” x 17” size pages in tri-fold format are permitted and each sheet shall count as one page. Font size shall be equivalent to Times New Roman 12 point or larger.

For detailed and Specific requirements send your requests to by the 15/08/2019

All submissions should be made by the 30/08/2019





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