Our Work

Our Work

Integration of Transferable Skills in Secondary and TVET Education in sub-Saharan Africa

The project aims to produce evidence to inform thinking and policies to incorporate transferable skills into secondary schools and technical and vocational education training (TVET) institutions curricula in selected (case study) countries and other African countries facing similar challenges relating to youth development. For countries where the evidence will lead to action in scaling up incorporation of transferable skills in schools, youth who obtain secondary education will acquire the skills, which will help unleash their full economic potential through improved employability and economic productivity. The ultimate impact of the project is improved macro-level economic productivity, accelerated economic growth, and improved wellbeing of individuals and households to the extent that the economic growth will be inclusive.

Project Overview

The primary objective of the project is to document and share experiences on how different types of transferable skills have been incorporated into formal education systems in selected African countries.

The specific objectives are to:

  • Characterise the state of efforts and policy environment for incorporating transferable skills in formal secondary education curricula in Africa.
  • Conduct case studies to document experiences, lessons, and impact of early efforts to incorporate transferable skills in formal secondary school curricula in Africa.
  • Disseminate lessons from the project to policy makers and other stakeholders in case study countries and at regional levels in Africa in order to stimulate interest and action in scaling up incorporation of transferable skills in formal school curricula in Africa.
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