Our Work

Our Work

Initiative for Learning and Evidence to Address Teen Pregnancy Among Girls in School in Malawi (I-LEARN)

In collaboration with the Ministry of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare, the African Institute for Development Policy (AFIDEP) will undertake a study, I-LEARN, to provide an understanding of the major causes of teenage pregnancy in Malawi. It aims to identify best practices and interventions to prevent teenage pregnancy among girls and provide policy and programme recommendations to address these issues.

Project Manager

Claire Jensen
Claire Jensen Knowledge Translation Officer Read More


How change will happen

We will begin with evidence synthesis (review of interventions; secondary data analysis) to inform our evidence generation work (focus group discussions; key informant interviews). From our activities, we will derive recommendations to promote the implementation of evidence-informed policies and programmes to address teenage pregnancy among girls in school in Malawi.

We will undertake:

  1. an analysis of secondary data to provide an understanding of the major predictors of teenage pregnancy in Malawi,
  2. a review of literature of interventions to prevent pregnancy among girls in school, and
  3. key informant interviews and focus group discussions in priority districts to gain an understanding of the perspectives of adolescents in school as well as adults who became pregnant as teenagers to inform policy and practice.
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