Our Work

Our Work

Demographic Dividend

The Demographic Dividend (DD) Programme was conceived within the context of the discourse on the understanding of the demographic dividend as a paradigm for accelerated development and the appropriate policies and actions that should be adopted in order for countries in Africa to harness the demographic dividend. The demographic dividend refers to the accelerated economic growth that is initiated by a rapid decline in fertility and mortality that results in a change in the age structure from one dominated by child dependents to one dominated by economically productive working-age adults.  However, the dividend is not automatic or guaranteed and has to be earned by making strategic investments to improve education and skills development, health, economic reforms and job creation, and good governance and accountability. These were the ingredients for the success of the Asian Tigers who exemplify harnessing a substantial demographic dividend.

Project Manager

Bernard O. Onyango, Ph.D.
Bernard O. Onyango, Ph.D. Senior Research and Policy Analyst Read More

Our Interventions

  1. Providing technical assistance to governments in the region in conducting comprehensive analytical studies to guide policy and investment actions to harness the DD, including modelling and scenario building.
  2. Strengthening local technical capacity in generation, translation, and use of evidencerelated to DD. We target government officials from multiple sectors such as ministries of planning, finance, health and the population divisions, as well as faculty and students from universities and research institutions in our capacity building activities.
  3. Engage in advocacy on DD including producing policy briefs, issue briefs and active involvement in DD dissemination fora to engage with political leadership in the region. In this regard, we make use of dissemination fora to engage with political leadership in the region, including parliamentarians, cabinet ministers and other high level government officials to advance DD on the policy front.
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