Our Work

Our Work

Malawi Parliament Enhancement Project (MPEP)

The Malawi Parliament Enhancement Project combines interventions that engage and shape the power relations, incentives, and influences within and outside parliament, to address the Parliament’s current underperformance. The project seeks to inspire supportive political behaviour and reforms, and strengthen capacity that enables performance improvement and effective delivery of Parliamentary functions. The project is anchored within the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) to enable parliament to own, inform and steer its implementation and ensure sustainability of the interventions. The project is addressing both the political and technical bottlenecks that limit the capacity of parliament to effectively fulfil its mandate. The project team, comprising diverse local and international experts in governance and evidence-informed transformational change, works closely with all leaders across the political spectrum to galvanise sustainable action to decisively improve the performance of the parliament.

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Project Manager

Martin K. Phiri
Martin K. Phiri Senior Knowledge Translation Officer Read More


Interventions for achieving Objective 1: Increase autonomy of the parliament

  1. Support the Business committee to implement activities that improve the relations between the Executive and parliament
  2. Work with political parties to increase their buy-in and support for a more effective and autonomous parliament
  3. Conduct transformative leadership training and mentorship for top leaders in parliament and MPs to inspire and sustain reform initiatives in parliament
  4. Conduct public symposia and media engagement to increase public support and understanding of the role of parliament in development
  5. Support MPs to spearhead key legal and institutional reforms needed to enable parliament to effectively perform its functions

Interventions for achieving Objective 2: Increase the operational efficiency of the Malawi parliament

In order for parliament to discharge its mandate effectively, it should be a professionally run institution supported by well qualified and skilled staff and guided by robust policies, processes, and systems engrained in the spirit of ensuring accountability. Interventions under this objective will focus on strengthening parliament’s capacity for effective performance of the oversight, legislative and representation function. These include:

  1. Strengthen institutional capacity of the parliament secretariat through development and implementation of various policy documents and strategies (including a capacity development plan, financial plan to guide budget formulation, strategic plan)
  2. Work with the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) to restructure the PSC divisions to more functional units that support the delivery of parliament’s three functions
  3. Design and implement a comprehensive training programme for staff to strengthen their capacity to support the delivery of parliament’s three functions
  4. Work with committee chairs and a few priority committees for the oversight function to strengthen their capacity to perform their oversight functions
  5. Develop a manual for parliament oversight for Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), and sensitise MDAs on the oversight role of parliament
  6. Define and operationalise a mechanism for linking professional bodies (institutions, networks and associations) with parliamentary committees to strengthen the performance of the oversight function
  7. Design and implement a comprehensive training programme for MPs to strengthen their capacity in delivering parliamentary functions

To facilitate continuous learning and programme improvement as well as assess project effectiveness in meeting goals, we will implement a comprehensive monitoring, learning and evaluation (MLE) component alongside implementation. Three mechanisms will be used to gather information for monitoring, learning and evaluation, including:

  • Baseline and endline surveys;
  • Continuous monitoring and learning during implementation
  • Mid-term review
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