Our Work

Our Work

Malawi Parliamentary Support Initiative (MPSI)

The Malawi Parliamentary Support Initiative (M-PSI) is a one-year project, supported by USAID/Malawi through the Malawi STEPS grant to Counterpart International and implemented by a sub-grantee, the African Institute for Development Policy (AFIDEP). The goal of this project is to improve the capacity and performance of the Malawi Parliament in carrying out its oversight, legislative, and representation functions.

Duration of the Project: 13 months from May 2018.

Project Manager

Nyovani Madise, Ph.D.
Nyovani Madise, Ph.D. Director of Research and Development Policy & Head of Malawi office Read More



  1. The Short-Term Technical Experts (STTE) Programme: As a flagship of the project, the STTE programme has recruited experts to enhance the technical capacity of Parliament for three particular positions:
  • Budget Analysis and Public Finance Management Experts (3)
  • Legislative Research Expert (2)
  • Legal Services/drafting Expert (1)
  1. Budget Analysis Manual and Legislative Research Guidelines: After thorough consultations with Parliament’s leadership and the institution’s key sections and committees, the project has developed a budget analysis manual and legislative research guidelines to help institutionalize a culture of Evidence-Informed Decision Making EIDM).
  2. Budget Analysis and Legislative Research Training Programme: Informed by the budget analysis manual and the legislative research guidelines, the project has established a training and mentorship programme within Parliament to ensure that parliament staff develop skills to understand and/or conduct budget analysis, financial scrutiny, and legislative research. This programme targets parliamentary staff in the Legal Section, Research Section, Table Section, Committee Section, Finance Division, and the Policy and Planning Division.
  3. Provide Informative and Objective Non-partisan Technical Expertise: M-PSI has also committed to providing MPs and parliamentary staff and the public with informative and objective non-partisan research on policy development and budgeting that will enhance oversight and accountability. Accordingly, the project will work with parliament and other stakeholders to facilitate production
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