Programme Briefs

  • SECURE Health News – Issue 5 February, 2017

    The Strengthening Capacity to Use Research Evidence in Health Policy (SECURE Health) programme is coming to an end on February 28, 2017, having been implemented for three years in Kenya and Malawi since November 2013.

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  • SECURE Health News – Issue 4 July, 2016
  • SECURE Health News – Issue 3 February, 2016

    • SECURE Health Programme Hits Mid-term of Successful Implementation
    • Kenyan Policymakers and Experts Deliberate on Key Public Health Issues at the 4th Research-to-Policy Conference
    • Skills Building: Programme Trainees Complete UK-POST Fellowship
    • Malawi Research Dissemination Conference Underscores Value of Evidence in Policymaking

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  • Formation of a Parliamentary Caucus on Evidence-Informed Oversight and Decision-making: Concept Note August, 2015

    This concept note proposes the formation of the Parliamentary Caucus on Evidence-Informed Oversight and Decision-making, an informal network whose membership will comprise of Members of both the National Assembly and the Senate who are committed to promoting responsible governance through evidence-informed oversight. The Caucus is unique in terms of its goal and expected deliverables as it will provide a structured platform to enable parliamentarians share experiences and work together to promote an evidence-informed culture in their work.

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  • SECURE Health News – Issue 2 July, 2015

    • SECURE Health Conducts Evidence-Informed Policymaking Training for Technocrats in the Ministries of Health and Parliaments in Kenya and Malawi
    • Science-Policy Cafés in Kenya and Malawi focus Health Policy Issues on Evidence, provide Accountability Platforms
    • Helping Malawi MPs focus on Evidence in the 2015/2016 Budget Deliberations
    • SECURE Health draws Attention to Research Non-Use at a Health Scientific Conference in Kenya

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  • Improving the implementation of the free-of-charge maternity services programme in Kenya June, 2015

    The Ministry of Health (MoH) through the Division of Health Research & Development under the SECURE Health programme organised a Science Policy Café that was held on February 12, 2015 to provide a platform where key stakeholders, including policymakers, researchers and implementers/practitioners deliberated on the progress made so far in implementing the free maternity services (FMS) presidential directive issued in 2013.

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