Botswana is already harnessing the demographic dividend, although it’s also consuming more than it’s earning, and needs urgent reforms to maximise the dividend

The conventional narrative of high fertility and high child dependency in Africa is one that does not apply to Botswana. Due to a transition to smaller family sizes over the last few decades, Botswana’s age structure has shifted and today, close to two-thirds of the population is between the working ages of 15-64 years

African governments should come of age and take charge of their development priorities

The demographic dividend paradigm has taken African policymakers by storm, with many government leaders eager to harness the opportunity presented by their countries’ youthful populations to increase economic growth and employment. The Demographic Dividend (DD) is the economic benefit that arises following a significant increase in the ratio of the working-age population relative to

Parliament of Malawi Launches Performance Enhancement Project

Yesterday, Wednesday, 28 February 2018, the Parliament of Malawi launched a new project aiming to improve its performance. The new project – the Malawi Parliament Enhancement Project (MPEP), seeks to stimulate reforms to improve the effectiveness and impact of parliament in steering democracy, upholding good governance, and promoting socio-economic development in Malawi. The MPEP herebest bunk bed with stairs