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13 June 2023 / Research Reports

Family planning and reproductive health are a persistent challenge on the African continent, for women and their families, but also for societies and their economic development. High birth rates in Sub- Saharan Africa pose at least as great of a challenge as the shrinking populations do for Europe and other parts of the Global North. During the years of the pandemic, Covid-19 pushed many things into the background: other diseases were neglected, and medications and vaccinations were difficult to access. Sexual health, women’s medical care and family planning were among those severely affected. We wanted to know how sexual and […]

8 June 2023 / Research Briefs

In 2020, men comprised 66% of all reported TB cases in Kenya. The TB cases were notably higher in males compared to females at 56.5% and 32.5% respectively while the prevalence for children was 11%.3    There are concerted efforts to care for and prevent TB through screening, timely diagnosis, treatment, and preventive mechanisms. Read more:

3 April 2023 / Journal Articles

HPV vaccine communication is critical in ensuring that the community understands the importance of vaccination. The most effective communication strategies included those which educate the population about the HPV vaccine, facilitate decision-making on vaccine uptake and community ownership of the vaccination process immunisation.   Authors: Sandra Y Oketch, Edwin O Ochomo, Jeniffer A Orwa, Lilian M Mayieka, Leila H Abdullahi Full-Text Link:  

29 March 2023 / Fact Sheets

The share of Domestic General Government Health Expenditure as a percentage of General Government Expenditure indicates the priority of the government to spend on health from own government resources. On the other hand, the out-of-pocket expenditure has remained high over the years. An indication that households allocate more of their own resources for health services.  

13 March 2023 / Fact Sheets

This factsheet presents Kenya’s adolescent sexual and reproductive health status and trends. The main data source is the Kenya Demographic and Health Survey (KDHS). Where the data are drawn from elsewhere, we acknowledge the source of data on the specific chart and summary of the data.

22 February 2023 / Fact Sheets

Access to quality healthcare remains a major challenge in Africa. To address this problem, African countries have made a raft of commitments to increase their allocations to health. Among these commitments are the 2001 Abuja Declaration where countries committed to allocate 15% of their annual budgets to health, and African Leadership Meeting (ALM) got member states to commit to increasing their domestic allocations to health and tackling the persisting inefficiencies in spending health budgets.  

22 February 2023 / Research Briefs

Globally and in Africa, health is recognised as critical for sustainable development and there has been growing pressure on governments to allocate adequate resources to health. This brief starts by highlighting global and regional commitments that African countries have ratified that focus on health and domestic health financing and the status, challenges and opportunities for African governments to translate these commitments at country level. The brief then highlights three key innovations in domestic health financing and efficient use of resources being implemented and explored in Africa and elsewhere. This brief is based on a rapid review of existing evidence and […]

13 February 2023 / Research Reports

The Botswana DD Roadmap provides an overarching framework to guide the country’s long-term development aspirations of transitioning into a high-income status as articulated in the country’s Vision 2036. This document identifies priority interventions enabling the country to harness the demographic dividend, hence achieving the transformation enshrined in Botswana’s long-term development aspirations. 

15 December 2022 / Bi-Annual Newsletter

AFIDEP News is the African Institute for Development Policy (AFIDEP) newsletter. It is published twice a year to provide our stakeholders with updates on AFIDEP’s programmes and highlight emerging policy issues in population dynamics and demographic dividend; health and wellbeing; transformative education and skills development; environment and climate change; and governance and accountability. Download here:  

3 August 2022 /

Le projet BUILD (Building Capacity for Integrated Family Planning (FP) and Reproductive Health (RH) and Population, Environment and Development (PED) Action) est un projet international de cinq ans conçu pour tirer parti de l’interconnexion entre la population, l’environnement et le développement, afin de susciter un engagement politique fort, des ressources financières durables et une redevabilité en faveur de la  planification familiale (FP) et de la santé reproductive (RH) volontaires dans les pays à revenu faible et intermédiaire (PRFM). Le projet BUILD cherche à amplifier l’approche PED à un autre degré d’action transformatrice au-delà des clivages disciplinaires, géographiques, socioculturels et sectoriels […]