Senegal: High-level demographic dividend meeting
Event Date: 6 - 10 Jun 2016
Event Location: King Fahd Palace Hotel, Dakar Senegal

A team from AFIDEP, led by the Executive Director, Dr Eliya Zulu, and supported by Dr Bernard Onyango and Dr Ousmane Faye, is currently on a five-day mission to Senegal for various engagements with stakeholders in the country. This mission begins on 6 June and ends on 10 June 2016.

The aim of the mission is to explore policy actions the country can implement to maximise its opportunity to harness the Demographic Dividend.

The AFIDEP team is scheduled for deliberations with high-level personnel from key ministries, including those responsible for education and skills development, youth affairs, health, economic planning and development. The team will also be meeting with officials from various United Nations agencies whose work centre on youth and women in Senegal.

The deliberations will focus on the findings of the Senegal Demographic Dividend Study that was commissioned by the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Planning in 2015 and has been supported by UNFPA with AFIDEP providing the technical leadership in the implementation of the study.

The mission will culminate in a one-day workshop on the 10th of June 2016, to be held at the King Fahd Palace Hotel, Dakar. During the workshop, results from the study will be presented followed by working sessions at which participants will discuss and come up with recommendations of high-impact policy actions that can support the country to harness the DD. This will support the country to achieve the goals of its long-term socio-economic development plan, the Plan Senegal Emergent (PSE) 2035. These recommendations will be included in the final study report for dissemination and action.

The meeting to be hosted by the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Planning, brings together stakeholders from government ministries, bilateral partners, the civil society and the media.

High-level representation from the various ministries with a stake in the DD is expected and the gathering will also serve as an initial phase at which the development of the country DD road map will be established.