The effect of participant non-response on the HIV prevalence estimates in a population based survey in two informal settlements in Nairobi city
12 May 2015

Participant non-response in an HIV serosurvey can affect estimates of HIV prevalence. Nonresponse can arise from a participant’s refusal to provide a blood sample or the failure to trace a sampled individual. In a serosurvey conducted by the African Population and Health Research Center and Kenya Medical Research Centre in the slums of Nairobi, 43% of sampled individuals did not provide a blood sample. This paper describes selective participation in the serosurvey and estimates bias in HIV prevalence figures.

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Authors: Abdhalah K Ziraba, Nyovani J Madise, Mwau Matilu, Eliya Zulu, John Kebaso, Samoel Khamadi, Vincent Okoth and Alex C Ezeh


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