Sosten Chiotha, Ph.D
Regional Director of the Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) Southern and Eastern Africa

Prof. Sosten Chiotha is the Regional Director of the Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) Southern and Eastern Africa.

LEAD is collaborating with a number of partners to implement research and development projects on climate change adaptation, ecosystem services as well as capacity building on the linkage between population, environment and development.

Previously, he served as the first Board Chair of the Malawi National Commission of Science and Technology, and currently serves on the Advisory Board of the Southern Voices on Climate Change (SDV).

He has been involved in the drafting of the Malawi National Environmental Action Plan (NEAP) and more recently in the drafting of the Malawi Climate Change Policy and Malawi Meteorological Policy.

Prof. Chiotha was the Lead author of the 2010 Malawi Environment and Outlook Report and apart from Lecturing on medical parasitology at Chancellor College, University of Malawi, also served as the University’s Research and Masters in Environmental Science Programme Coordinators.

He has published extensively in local and International peer reviewed journals including Transactions of the Royal Society, Journal of Agricultural Science, Environment and Natural Resources Research, BioSience (by American Institute of Biological Sciences).

Prof. Chiotha is a graduate of the University of Malawi (Bachelor of Education), London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (Master of Science in Medical Parasitology) and University of Maryland, USA (PhD in Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Science).

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