Neglect of key groups undermines progress against HIV/AIDS

Because key populations play a crucial part in spread of HIV, their involvement in tackling the virus is vital for an effective and sustainable response to the problem in the East African Community. Besides cross-border populations, other vulnerable populations that need special focus include adolescent girls, young women, migrant populations, fisher folk and people

New syllabus should focus on skills

The review process of the education system in Kenya started in earnest as recently announced by Education Cabinet Secretary, Fred Matiang’i. While we recognise the critical need to reform the education system, we have to think of potential practical interventions and processes that African countries like Kenya should undertake. A key aim is take

Evidence-informed policy-making in Kenya’s health sector: The devil is in the quality of evidence

There are a lot of ongoing efforts around the world to increase the use or consideration of research evidence in public policymaking, the ‘evidence-informed policy-making’ (EIPM) movement. This is because it is believed that increased use or consideration of research evidence makes important contributions to enabling better resource allocation, more targeted interventions, better monitoring

Why Kenya needs educated youth and low fertility rate

Who doesn’t know about Africa’s youth bulge? And who isn’t filled with concern over whether it will be anywhere near possible to create enough jobs for our young people, never mind empowering them with the skills and attitudes to handle the jobs that will be available? Just as we worry about those Arab countries

Much more must be done to improve healthcare provision in Kenya

Recent research by the World Bank has shown that less than 20 per cent of health facilities in Kenya meet the minimum standard for the provision of internationally recognised services to patients. This finding compounds the already known fact that Kenya has inadequate health facilities. And now, less than 1 out of 10 of

Kenyan adolescents in crisis: What we must do to save young people from self-destruction

The media is awash with reports of students being arrested smoking bhang, drinking and engaging sex orgies in bars. However, besides these incidents, statistics on the health of Kenyan adolescents are scaring. A 2008 study on mental health among public secondary school students in Nairobi found out that 44 per cent suffered depression, 13 per cent had anxiety and about five per herebest bunk bed with stairs