Our Work

Our Work

Enabling Evidence Informed Development Policies in sub-Saharan Africa

The Evidence for Development programme aims to improve uptake of research and related evidence in decision-making processes in government ministries and parliaments in Africa. Achieving this primary outcome will contribute to formulation of quality and effective public policies and programmes in Africa.

Project Manager

Rose N. Oronje, Ph.D.
Rose N. Oronje, Ph.D. Director, Public Policy & Communications Read More

Our Interventions

How will the Two Project Outcomes be Achieved?

Increased use of evidence in integrated development planning processes in government

In the first outcome area we will build on the multi-disciplinary work that we have done over the past three years to synthesize and translate research evidence and help African governments understand the potential role of the DD in their countries’ socioeconomic development. In this project we will analyze DD evidence and technical capacity gaps, generate contextualized evidence to fill the evidence gaps, and work with ministries of planning to apply the evidence and planning tools in developing national roadmaps and integrated development plans to help their countries harness the DD.

Increased effectiveness of regional and national parliamentary networks in enabling prioritization and uptake of evidence in decision-making in African parliaments

In the second outcome area, we build on our existing partnerships with regional and national parliamentary networks to assess their effectiveness in strengthening demand and use of evidence in discharging of the critical oversight, resource allocation, and representation roles of parliamentarians. In each of the two outcome areas, we will incorporate a deliberate learning component through which we will collect data regularly as implement activities in order to continuously capture data and information on the enablers, motivators and barriers to evidence use in the two different spaces of government.


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